Friday, September 29, 2006

New Cloud's Tea Collection Blog

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Hello everybody,

From now on, I will post and move my blog to
I will not update this blog anymore.

The reason why I establish a new blog is that the blog provided by allows me to classify those blog posts in different categories defined by myself. I found this is a very useful and convenient feature. If my readers want to view all the posts about "1980s", the system will lead him to all those relevant posts I marked and classified as "1980s".

Therefore, please come to: (English Version) (Chinese Version)

2007-10-28 update message to all:
(The above blogs' severs were closed so that my new blogs no longer exist).

By the way, instead of writing a good blog, I would like to update my own domain

Therefore, click to Cloud's Tea Collection to view the updates

If you want to write me something, you may leave a comment here. Thanks.

Cloud (Hong Kong)
Cloud's Tea Collection - Private Tea Album


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